Design Squad Media

Design Squad Media is a digital marketing agency in St Johns, MI specializing in providing personalized online marketing packages for small to mid-sized businesses.

Our Mission

Our goal is to drive your business forward by leveraging the full potential of digital marketing, increasing your online visibility, and delivering a steady stream of qualified leads, ultimately propelling your success in the digital landscape.

What We Do

We build search engine optimized websites for small businesses, while providing value-added services that include maintenance, marketing, online advertising, and social media marketing.

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Web Design

With millions of websites on the internet, you have to be sure your website stands out, represents you well, and –most importantly– helps your organization grow.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything. Our team of experts can help protect and enhance your reputation online for tangible, long-term results.

Marketing Strategy

We’ll target platforms and demographics that best align with your company’s market, making the best possible use of every ad dollar.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a critical element in staying connected with your audience. We help keep your social community engaged, either working independently, or side-by-side with you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a set of strategies and practices aimed at optimizing a website or online content to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to a website by making it more attractive and relevant to search engines and users.

Video Production

The most powerful way to get your message across is through video. Engage your audience by telling your story and sharing your mission.

SEO Content Writing Services

Our content writers know search engine optimization. We’ll create marketing copy designed to be informative and compelling, to push your business objectives.

Message Marketing

Message marketing, also known as SMS marketing or text message marketing, is a form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional or informative messages to a group of individuals via text messages.

Helping Small Businesses Get Noticed

Digital marketing can be overwhelming for those new to space, but it doesn’t have to be. Design Squad Media will help you with a marketing strategy that fits your business the best. We do not believe in selling you services that do not benefit your business, so we customize a plan that fits your needs exactly.

  • We promise to support you every step of the way.
  • We make sure your ad dollars are targeting relevant markets.
  • Our talented designers will represent your brand to your standards.
  • We’ll design a strategy that fits your budget to drive web traffic and leads.
Joe Simmons


We prioritize transparency, accountability, and excellence in every client partnership.

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We’ll customize a marketing strategy that’s as unique as your business.

What Our Clients Say

“Joe and his team are very professional. They have elevated our digital marketing to the next level! They know how to make the leads roll in. Amazing how quickly they can get things done. Thanks for your hard work – simply the best we have ever worked with.”

Mr. Asphalt

“Joe and his team have really been helping us out with their marketing and driving traffic for us. They are very professional, timely, and creative – highly recommend!!”

Allen’s Auto Sales

“Joe is your guy for lead gen and marketing!”

Mid-America Solar

“As an ongoing customer of Design Squad Media, I am continually impressed with their services! Their expertise in lead generation, Facebook ads, text messaging, and email campaigns has consistently boosted my business’s online presence. The team is professional, responsive, and truly understands digital marketing strategies.”

Greenback Wraps

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Are you looking for a fast-paced, creative, and friendly place to work? We are a results-driven digital marketing agency based out of St Johns, MI. Our primary focus is on generating more high-quality sales leads for businesses.